Frame Off Restoration

Ever since I was a little guy my dream truck was a first gen Cummins. When I turn 16 I had drove a 93 w250 but it wasn’t no Cummins and it wasn’t the prettiest either. The spring of my senior year in high school, I’m now 17 I had been on the grind to find a first gen Cummins. I live in Michigan so everything here is just rotted unless you spend big money well at 17 I didn’t have big money. I searched and searched until I found this 89 5 speed LE truck. Of course it was completely rusted out not even road worthy. I still ended up buying it. Me and my Dad turned it into a project. Ripping the whole truck down to bare frame and actually using a frame from a 92 d250 from down south because it was so much cleaner. This 89 Cummins took a combination of 4 different trucks to make it look like it is today. We even went back to the original two tone brown paint. The Cummins motor isn’t complete stock. It’s got a hx35 hybrid turbo, 4K governor spring, 60lbs valve springs, 50hp injectors, and a stage 2 fuel pin. The 12 valve Cummins is paired with a Getrag 360 5 speed manual transmission and a NP205 transfer case. The truck also has Autometer pillar gauges. It’s only my summer cruiser but I’m very proud of it.