1987 Ford F250 Resurrection

This truck began its life in Texas. Then one day, it was retired and put in a Texas field where it sat for 12 years untouched. It literally was coated in dirt and clay and had moss and mushrooms growing on it. Fuel tanks and lines rotted out. It was old and tired and needed new life. Oddly enough, it was perfectly preserved Texas style. One day, my buddy of over 30 years, Jerry Bachman and I decided to pull it up to the garage and begin the 1987 Ford F250 Resurrection. The paint is all original. We went through a pain staking 3 part process of lightly sanding, polishing and buffing over 30 times to bring the original color back to life. There was not one system on the truck untouched after the resurrection. Engine, transmission, fuel system, suspension, glass, electrical, interior and original wheels all got an overhaul. This project took two years to complete as we wanted to do it right so we could get it to the LMC Truck Nationals on Dallas, TX. COVID stopped that even though we were there that weekend anyway. We were getting fuel to return home and in the pouring rain, a man got of his truck just to look at our 1987 Ford F250 Resurrection while getting soaked. The finished product brought back good memories for him. It was all worth it for us that weekend when this happened. We knew we did it right after that. The truck is named BBMP LMC. (Big Beige Money Pit). We are thrilled to join LMC Truck Life.

Jerry B. and Walter M.