86 Eddie

I bought this truck in 2016 as a project a guy had already started. It was originally an Arizona truck, that is why it looks so clean. I’ve done nothing to the exterior except wash and wax. When I got it, he had already installed a 4 inch lift kit and tires and wheels. There was no transmission or transfer case, but he had a recently rebuilt 460 that came with the truck. I got it home and my Dad and I started tinkering and gathering parts, starting with a C6 out of a 1980 f250 and a transfer case from an 1983 bronco. It took me about a year to get her going. I went with a new holley 4 bbl carb, headers, electronic DUI ignition, and new Mile marker hubs just to name a few of the new parts. The front seats were pretty ragged, so I found a nice set from a local guy and installed them. It is still a work in progress but has been a lot of fun for my Dad and I. I still spend a little bit on her now and then, mostly from LMC. I look forward to keep improving her in the future and teaching my kids the joy of keeping these trucks on the road.