Big Red’s Revival

I bought this truck off FB Marketplace for what I thought was a decent deal for a solid old diesel that just needed some minor mechanical and cosmetic work to get back on the road. When I was in high school, my close friend had a truck just like it, but never got the chance to buy it from him after I moved. It is heavy duty optioned truck, that originally had a 6.9L IDI diesel, still has the 4 speed T-19 manual, and a nice beefy Dana 70 in the back. It’s a Centurion modified truck, but not much was changed mechanically, but it has working roof horns, and the overhead console for the CB radio and auxiliary switches. The original 6.9L was seized, as the truck was sitting for quite some time before I got it. Ended up swapping in a 7.3L IDI from a 93 E350, that I refreshed on the engine stand before dropping it in, and everything has been working fine ever since. Upgraded starter, new batteries and upgraded battery cables, new clutch and clutch hydraulics with a braided hose, and an upgraded aluminum radiator. Just going through all the other little things bit by bit, repairing rust, overhauling brakes, cleaning up the interior, cleaning up/repairing the wiring. It’s a solid truck with lots more potential as the project moves forward.