Old Blue

1976 Ford F250 4×4 Ranger XLT

Meet “Old Blue”! This beauty came with my husband over 40 years ago! The stories our truck has brought Allen over the years are of happiness and many family adventures. Ford trucks are built strong!

Many years ago, at the local Dairy Queen in El Paso, Texas, Allen would notice a brand new Ford 250 in the parking lot. Of course, Allen was looking out for the owner who had specialized plates that read “King Kong” and offered to buy this truck if he ever wanted to sell. This man happened to buy a new Ford pickup every year so it ended up being Allen’s lucky day! The title shows that Allen bought the truck only a year after it was made!

When I met Allen in 1979, he had offered Old Blue for me to use on a camping trip. It was quite the adventure as we ended sleeping in the truck due to a bear visiting our campsite. A footprint was even left on the truck door!

We had many uses for Old Blue from picking up hay to hauling horses, Go-karts, and helping friends move and as years went by the desert sun ate away the paint and interior. Raising a family contributed to lack of upkeep of our beloved pickup. Allen was aware that engine repair was necessary and began to save money to restore his truck. His Mom was actually the one who would ask how “Old Blue” was and wanted to help in the restoration efforts of the family truck. It was then that then started referring to the truck as “Old Blue”.

As restoration began, it started by finding a snake in the engine that had harbored himself under the hood. Allen’s friend of all trades began to refresh his forever blue pickup. He completely rebuilt the motor and saved for new tires. And while 90% of the Chrome is original the Chrome bumpers needed replacing. Then at last a beautiful new coat of cowboy blue paint! It was ready for a joy ride! Out for his first drive he goes and once he reaches the top of Transmountain in El Paso there’s a glitch! He broke down. Within minutes someone who recognizes his truck pulls over to help!

I realize that while this truck not only transports the family Christmas tree every year, it brings so much joy to Allen. So much so that it’s as if it was the day he first saw it at the local Dairy Queen. I’ve watched 8 grown men at the local hardware store stand or lean into this trophy and tell their stories of happiness about a Ford they owned. I’ve even seen an old lady roll her window down on a hot summer day to tell him the blue color is awesome!

We now live in the Hill Country in Texas. Allen is the proud new owner of a garage just to keep his most treasured possession protected from the elements of weather. His happiness is humble until he gets his baby out of the garage to wash it and drive it to get deer corn or to help a friend in need. Old Blue definitely fits in well with all the other grown ass boys who love their Ford trucks who live here! Ford trucks really are the best in Texas!

(Written by Allen’s wife, Brenda)