It was my dads back in day. It was sitting at grandmas till we got it running to drive it home when I was 13. I got a hold of it in 2018, took it apart down to the frame axles and all. I was told I would never get it back together and should have left the truck the way it was in one piece. Determined to finish, I started the restoration from there. Swapping the drivetrain to a 3.9 4bt cummins, np205 transfer case, replacing every nut and bolt. With a little help from dad, because two hands weren’t enough. I painted the truck granite crystal metallic, it was my first time painting, well really a first time doing any of this, and really happy with the end result. A fun project to have completed from body work, electrical, engine, axles and everything in-between without a garage was a experience I won’t forget.