1963 Ford F100 Unibody “Dierks”

Summer of 2008 my daughter Kate was gifted a ‘63 F100 from her Uncle Ron. The truck was basically sunk into the ground and sitting on the axles from not running for the past 26 years, the truck was almost too far gone until my daughter said she wanted the challenge of getting “Dierks” back on the road. She had her hands on every step of the project, from pulling it out of the ground to the final clear coat and everything in between! Only working on Dierks here and there, the project took 2 1/2 years to complete, we kept everything original except a fuel cell we installed in the bed. Now my daughter and I are finally finished with “Dierks” so the only thing left is to simply enjoy driving it! This has been an awesome adventure and a great experience for my daughter, we can’t wait to see what our next project will be, LMC will definitely be helping us with the next one as well!