Hawaii Mishap

I have long desired to rebuild an early 50’s Fat Fender Ford F100 but could never quite find the project vehicle that offered the right level of challenge without getting myself “too deep”. A visit to a specialty body shop to check out my friend’s 58 Corvette paint job introduced me to the perfect project. Sitting out in the back lot was a wrecked 1956 F100. The story was that the owner had sold it to a buyer in Hawaii and prior to shipment the shipping container was dropped and the truck was badly damaged. Considered totaled, the insurance company traded the body shop the title to the vehicle for the cost of storage. The price was right and I had my project truck.

So far I have rebuilt the engine, installing new headers, manifold, ignition system, carb, cooling system, air conditioning, serpentine belt system, valve covers and air cleaner. Have replaced hood, inner fenders and right front fender. I have rebuilt the Plymouth Volare front suspension and installed a four link rear suspension replacing the original leaf springs with coil overs. I have installed new disc brakes all around and installed tubs for the rear wheel wells.

With a new vintage steering column, Digital gauges, billet pedals and electric cowl vent the interior is nearly ready for sound proofing and trim.

Hoping to move on to body and paint work this spring. It has been a wonderful Pandemic Project that has helped me to maintain a positive attitude in a quarantined environment.