“Theo” my 1954 Ford F100 became part of my life in 1973. The beater farm truck, hand-painted yellow and black, was obtained by my want-to-be farmer, Lutheran Minister dad, Theodore. As a young college kid, vehicle looks we’re not as important as just having transportation. The truck was driven hard and got me back and forth from college. On September 1, 1975 the F-100 provided first-time date transportation with my todays wife, Christel. When I came to pick her up for future dates her college dorm roommates knew I was coming from the loud sound of the truck. Two years later we were married, the truck was taken home and forgotten about for 30 years. Fast-forward 30 years, on vacation we discovered the truck, covered in dirt and now home to mice and raccoons in a barn 600 miles from home. Minister Theo, had it parked there and moved away. Although the truck was a mess, interest in the old truck got our addition and to my surprise Christel secretly and craftily obtained the 54 from Theo for my 50 birthday. A year later, 1200 miles later the truck was back home, with a wonderful discovery in the glove box – the park entry pass from the first-date was still there – for sure a miracle given the rest of cab had over-run by raccoons and chewed-up by mice. Three years later, with help from many friends and total support from wife Christel the F-100 was totally restored to its original red. Although much of the truck is original a major confidence booster to move forward with restoration was discovering LMC Trucks for parts and pieces – thank you. Throughout the process every stage, part, expense was and continues to be documented in a home-made restoration log. Every receipt has been retained and photos taken to remind us of the hard-work, great past memories and “Theo”, now past but able to see the project complete – he just could not believe it. Thanks LMC for your contribution.