Three years ago I was casually chatting with a co-worker about the “old crusty truck” that she and her husband had sitting in their driveway. I nonchalantly asked what kind of truck it was and she whipped out her phone to show me pictures. It was exactly the truck that I had always wanted; a short-bed, single cab, 4×4 squarebody. I had been slowly working on restoring my Chevelle for nearly a decade by then so I didn’t NEED another project, but if the price was right, who was I to deny myself this opportunity. I made a veiled mention of my interest but I was fairly noncommittal. Two hours later I was being told that they wanted the truck gone so badly that it was mine if I brought a trailer and hauled it away. That Saturday, my brother and I did exactly that. My goal with restorations is always to make them appear as close to factory original as possible while also modernizing and making the vehicle more comfortable. I briefly contemplated an LS swap but settled on a TBI setup due to ease of installation since no modifying would be necessary. The original two-tone of Medium Brown and Doeskin was not my favorite combination but the idea of a unique color like brown stuck with me. Considering that the interior didn’t need to be repainted, I decided that Medium Brown metallic would cover the whole truck. The painter did an excellent job blending in several types of metal flake that give the truck so many different characters depending on what angle you see it from. Its eye catching and beautiful for sure. While the truck is beautiful and it feels amazing to have accomplished such an involved project, the time spent working closely with my dad and brother is what really matters. This truck is a part of me, and extension of my character, and a great example of my attention to detail. It gets looks no matter where it goes and it never fails to put a smile on your face when you drive it. All in all, not bad for a gift from a coworker.