My 1985’ Chevy k10 with a 454 big block

At the age of 14 I wanted to get a vehicle to build and to drive when I turned 16. I’m a member of our local 4H program and I’ve been saving my money from past years. On my way to the farm there was an old farm plow truck on the side of the road for sale and I stopped, looked at it and ended up purchasing it. I stripped the truck down to nothing, I figured out what I had that was good as what was scrap. From there I began my build. I can honestly say every bolt in this truck is either new or in top condition and repainted. When I turned 16 I had the frame down all redone, new internals and painted. I had a few health issues and had a few friends come over to assist me in putting my cab on because I was destined to not give up. I decided at that point , I wanted to upgrade it from a daily driver to a show quality truck that I started working two jobs at 16 and going through high school all at the same time. I was putting everything  I made into my truck in order for it to be the best it could be. Finally at 17 I finished the truck and have millions of memories made with friends, family , and also learned many mechanical things I never knew. Which will help me if I ever have any complications with this truck .