Family Tradition

I got my 78 a few years ago and finally got it done this summer with lots of help from LMC Truck and my dad and brother. As you can tell by the picture we are a Ford family. I remember riding in my dad’s 50 as a little kid. He has had it since the early 70’s. It was an everyday driver until my younger brother came along and the two bucket seats didn’t hold all 4 of us. It was parked until he restored it again in the late 90’s when my brother and I were out of the nest. We did my brother’s 77 a few years ago. It was an Arizona truck that is now at home in Pa. It was a complete frame up job that we worked on ourselves (again with the help of LMC). It was then my turn. This truck replaced my 74 super cab and I tell everyone will be the last truck I own. It had no bed and was in brushed on primer when I started. For me family is everything and we have many fond memories working in the garage and fixing them up together. I am looking forward to recreating this picture in a few years with my 2 boys trucks added in.