Hello everybody,

My name is Dirk and I live with my family in the Palatinate, Germany.

The Palatinate is a large wine region in Germany and comparable to Napa Valley in the USA.

At some point everyone is faced with the existential question, how I can get the life-sustaining staples of my region transported home in proper style?

Here in the Palatinate there are the three coner stones of a fulfilling and healthy life: wine (mainly dry), several sorts of sausages and potatoes.

Last year I came to this point in my life and knew I had to act. No matter what the neighbors, the mayor, friends, newcomers, Greta or the local hairdresser think about it.

In my village they just say again: “What kind of new old US-Car does Dirk have? You can only feel sorry for the poor wife!”

If they all knew! My wife, who drives every US-Car with enthusiasm. No matter how big, wide or loud.

After a thorough search, the time had come in August 2019. A 1969 Ford F 250 Ranger Camper Special incl. Campershell from Stanley, Virginia found its way across the pond to us in the country. The original 5.9 liter block is still working in the F 250. Otherwise he proudly bears the traces of the past 51 years without looking worn out. In addition to the truck, we are moving a 1971 Ford LTD Cabriolet, originally from Dallas, Texas … length runs.

Many thanks to the nice employees at LMC Truck, who answered questions quickly and competently, and to the LMC delivery service, which sent the parts to Germany in the shortest possible time.

Without the LMC Truck Shop, I would not have been able to get the truck back on the road.

Greetings from Germany


Here is a little video of the truck: https://youtu.be/alSAFnVm4TQ