Cash’s 79 Scottsdale

I first got my 79 C20 Scottsdale about 2 years ago. I bought it off of a 60-ish year old lady for $3500. She had the top end of the stock 350 rebuilt and replace most of the suspension, and had a complete a/c, rockers, and box panels that she throw in for the price. Eventually the bottom end of the engine exploded, so its been sitting in my driveway ever since.

My dream never faded. Still got it and love it as much as the day I got it.

Well, fast forward to covid. I had a couple grand saved, and was gonna order some parts; then my first layoff hit. That money went faster than I thought it could. Then about a month ago I saved up some more money. Not a lot, but it was enough to make a difference. Then my buddy died from a heart attack at the age of 47. Left me and my family with his 2 amazing boys. Now I’m trying to save up some money again to include the youngest (age 7) and the oldest (age12) in the project. I just want to show those incredible young men that they are part of this family. I hope in these brutal time square bodies can unit people struggling through hard times. I remember my truck always made heads turn, and put smiles on faces as I cruised around town.