Still Going Strong

Hello, my name is Franz and I am living in Switzerland and we are working as gardeners.
For this job we need strong cars and one of them is our ’78 Blazer K5 Cheyenne.
We bought this car new in 1978. We use it often for towing trailers. It still has its original
paint. The engine is original too. We bought it with factory heavy duty equipment.
In 2011 we had the chance to be part of a parade at the 100 years of Chevrolet celebration in
the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds together with 59 other Chevrolets. Louis Chevrolet was born in
this town here in Switzerland. This was a great day for us but also for our Blazer.
The Square Bodies were great trucks and I hope to find a Square Body Stepside 4×4 (short box).
But first I have to sell a ’64 Impala SS 409 and a ’91 Corvette Coupe L98 to get money to buy
this truck and to have room for it. We also have a ’92 K3500 and a ’01 Blazer S-10 ZR-2.
These are also great trucks, but my favorites are the Square Bodies.