I bought this truck in 2008. When I first got it home, the grandkids called the truck “Mater”, because it looked like Mater on the Cars Cartoon Movie. It was in pretty bad shape when I got it. We stripped the body down to the frame. Rebuilt the suspension, front/rear differential, changed motor from 292 in line 6 to 283 V8, changed 4 speed standard transmission and divorced transfer to a 3 speed automatic transmission and transfer from a 78 Chevy Blazer. Added A/C, power steering and power assist brakes, or wife wouldn’t drive it. We went with rally wheels with rings and 33″ tires. Painted Gecko green and bright white. We have had the truck to 4 different shops in 11 years and we finally got the project completed this year. I can say LMC was a big part of getting this project completed. We are proud to drive this vehicle to local car shows and local parades. Its not perfect, but it does turn heads and gets a lot of thumbs up.