Grandpa’s Truck

In the late 80s early 90s my Grandpa bought this truck and fixed it up. He had the truck most of my childhood. After he passed away my uncle inherited the truck, he drove it around for a couple of years. So there’s more of my childhood memories in this old truck, he eventually passed it on to my stepdad. His job moved him to Texas, he put it in storage for 12 years. After he retired he got it back out of storage and got it running again. He drove it around here probably another 6/8 years. After my step dad passed away my other uncle got the truck, in pretty poor condition. He knew it was more than he could get into go he ask me if I would purchase the truck from him which I did. When I got home with the truck my 2 boys 7 and 12 were so excited to see it. I know I have to persevere this truck for them when I am gone