In Rome, Illinois, I started out with a Mercury. A 1950 that I knew I wanted to start making changes to. I installed a Corvette grille and it fit perfectly. After that, the Chevy bug got me.
Through the years I bought two 1963 Chevys. One was a 2-door Bel Air. I took out the 283-cu. in. small block and replaced it with 350-350 4 bolt main, Hooker headers, 780 duel inlet Holley on an Edelbrock Aluminum Intake, and Crane Cam with solid lifters. It was a street-strip fun sleeper. A 538 for racing and 411 Street Gear. So much fun! The second was a 1965 Impala, a 1967 396 Big Block Chevy El Camino. Then a 1987 Chevy longbed. We slammed it down 4″.
Then when I spotted the 1994 S10s, I went to my dealer to order it from the factory to save money. When I ordered the Vortec, I got the ABS brake system free. My next goal is to pay it forward to Jeff Gordon, so it gets a great home. Jeff loves Chevys.
I’d like to thank Mike Taylor for almost 20 years of care as my mechanic. Ken’s Colors, Ken, took care of the small dents and scratches. The camper shell seemed to make the contour of the truck better, then we put the wrap along with LED Lights from LMC Truck on the back. It still brings so many compliments along with Jeff Gordon’s number and name on the rear of it.
113,000 miles and it runs and looks better than it did 25 years ago on D-Day Anniversary, June of 1994.