My neighbor’s father bought a new GMC Sonoma from a local dealer in 1993. He was a retired USAF Colonel and used the truck occasionally to haul things for his backyard greenhouse and lawn. When he died, his daughter and my neighbor, inherited the truck. They rarely used it and it sat on the street and gathered dust. I went past it everyday when I walked my dog. It bothered me that no one drove the truck or cared for it. Four years ago the truck began to speak to me! So, I made my neighbor an offer for it and now it is in my driveway. Although it had very low mileage, truck people know that mileage affects mechanical parts but age affects electrical parts. It did not run well until some key electrical parts were replaced. Then I began to work on bringing it back up to my personal automotive standards. There are lots of LMC parts on my truck including tail lights, widow seals and gaskets, body side molding, electric engine fan, radiator, and several hard to find small parts and more. It has become my daily driver. It had 31,000 miles on the odometer when I got it; it now shows 77,000 miles. The 4.3 L engine makes my little truck run like a “scalded dog”! Thanks to your company for making so many replacement parts available to keep my truck looking and running well.