This ramcharger started with being my dads then was passed down to me. My 3 sons and I have been rebuilding it for the last 7 years. I started with adding a 4 inch suspension lift kit. I then added a 1995 5.9 magnum and put a carb conversion on it with a 650 demon on it and fresh seals timing chain and water pump harmonic balancer. Then it was time to start cutting all the rust out of all the wheel wells, they were shot. They were replaced with new sheet metal and treated. I painted the truck in mf red . Next I moved onto the hood I cut a hole in the hood and molded a 6 pack hood scoop into the hood, finished it off with a flat black coat and some gold pen striping. Right now I just added the high steer steering block and replaced the tierods. I’m also working on the interior right now.