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In 1985 my father bought a new K5 Blazer. In 1999, when I turned 10, I told him “that’s what I want to drive when I turn 16.” In 2005 I got my wish; for 9 years I drove my blazer 340,000 miles. I drove to my first duty station in it, drove back home when I got leave, and even used it as my get-away vehicle for my wedding. I had no idea how rusted out my beloved blazer was until 2014; my wife and I were driving home to see my parents and the passenger seat bracket had the rear end of it fall through the floor. When we got to my parents house we left it there and never saw the blazer again. Fast forward to 2020, my wife and I were driving around and saw a 1985 K5 Diesel and now we are starting to build my dream vehicle. It’s going to take time and the money, but if I had a billion dollars, I wouldn’t choose anything else.