25 years later, I Found Her Again

My high school truck was a 1976 W150 440. It was a family friend’s truck that had been left where it died and it took two winches to free from the back 40 and six months to get running, but I loved it until the Michigan cancer took ended her for good 5 years later. Three years ago, on a drive in rural Washington, I came across this girl sitting outside a farm and couldn’t pass her by. The body was in good shape, but that was about it. My goal was to rebuild her to an “as original” state as I could. Two donor trucks, a lot of NOS and the help of the reproduction shops such as LMC later, and she cruises at 80 as long as you don’t mind paying.
The thing I didn’t expect to come across in this journey was the amazing group of people out there that shared my love and passion. From the small shops that still re-core radiators and rebuild the impossible to find components to the folks in the far lung reaches of the US and Canada that have collected parts over the years, I can’t thank you all enough.
Keep it rolling, no matter the make!