Purchased this Bronco back in 2017 after searching years for a good semi-rust starter kit. My husband and son both have a 1978 F150 & F250 that I enjoyed driving I think more than they did. After we started receiving your catalogs, I started paying attention to the Broncos that were featured and instantly knew that’s what I wanted. I had a vision in my mind of exactly how I wanted it to look. So the hunt for one started. Finding one in semi-decent shape was impossible, especially in my area in north-western PA rust belt. So we started broadening our search to other states. We traveled often and looked at many that were in awful shape. Then one day on a Facebook Bronco site, this posting popped up from North Carolina stating “rust free”. After many pictures and texts later, we were on our way that same night keeping our fingers crossed that it was the one and after seeing it, we finally found it. Not a spot of rust anywhere. Only 24,000 original miles on it. This particular Bronco spent the majority of its life in Colorado and was purchased two years prior to it’s new owners in South Carolina where he had plans to revitalize it but for whatever reason didn’t and decided to sell it. So we purchased a trailer in the nearest town, loaded it up and brought it home. I know most people think I’m crazy for changing the colors on my Bronco but I knew what I wanted and I was going for it. We stripped it all down, and started painting it from the ground up. We had a local engine shop refresh the motor and my sister-in-law reupholster the seats. All body panels, seats, trim, windows are all stock except for the bumpers. My husband and son spent many hours creating my absolute dream truck for me. All the extra items that were taken out that we didn’t put back in are in storage just in case I change my mind and put it back to original but after seeing the finished product, I’m not sure that will ever happen.