Grandpa John purchased this new pick-up in California, the San Diego plant was the origin. He drove to eastern Kansas and back in 1967. He owned it for 3 years then it passed to my father Jack.

Jack loved that old truck, he used it when it snowed in Kansas. With the roads covered in salt it began to rust. It became a Missouri farm truck in 1987 so through the fields we go. Around the fences and through the gulleys with an occasional moving of the furniture this old truck did its job. So, for the next 28 years it was a farm truck through and through. Sometimes parts were hard to find during those years so bailing wire was the fixing ticket. I think I have removed all that extra wire.

Fast forward to my generation and inheritance of the 1966, my brother and I transported it to Arkansas 3 years ago. The old truck had not run for a couple of years so the gasoline was bad and the brakes were frozen. My first project was to get the brakes into working order. My thinking was if I ever was successful enough to get it to run, I also wanted it to stop. I spent about a month at the body shop getting this great restoration.

Much of my success in restoring came from LMC. Parts for brake lines, engine, all rubber seals and weather stripping, door accessories and handles, padded dash, bumpers, floor pans and carpet all came from LMC. Cood-oos to them and their team. All in all this has been a great 2-1/2 year trip one which I will never forget. We are now ready for some short journeys together.