After a tip from a good friend, I found this 1952 Ford F1 in a farmers field. The body, hood, bed and fenders were all bead blasted and epoxy primered. All seams were filled joining the hood and fenders becoming a tilt hood with electric actuators. Two extra teeth were added to the grill. The truck was lowered with a Mustang II front end and super slide lowering springs in the rear. A nine inch Lincoln rear end replaced the stock unit.

The engine is a 347 cubic inch Ford Performance Stoker with a C-4 transmission. An oak bed with polished runners were added with the fuel tank moved to the rear. The upholstery was done by a local shop as well as the paint, which is Hot Rod Black with a coat of clear.

Thanks to LMC Truck for their help and great parts. This truck is a joy to drive and a show winner.