Old and Tired

Well I can definitely say this is my favorite truck I’ve ever had. 04 Chevy Silverado 3500 4×4, 8.1L. My parents purchased it new so my dad could use it in the oil field as a welding truck. Its seen a lot of rough terrain long drives to West Texas as far as Montana. Ill add Home is Texas. A few years later I offered to buy it from them, because it wasn’t being used and my dad didn’t want to tear it up in the oil patch. Since then it’s been a good companion, we’ve made many trip, hauled horse trailers, many vacation. Kids have always picked this truck to go anywhere in, just a good ride. Had lots of people ask to buy it but it’s hard to get rid of. Many memories Big Red’s got some miles now, little worn out, not as shiny, problems defiantly don’t surprise you anymore. Never lets you down when you turn the key! Just cant seem part from it even when I see all the new models, but I do think I’m missing out! I love my truck, that’s why I subscribed to the catalog. Good Ambassador for Chevy “Like a Rock”!

Johnathan A