The Fireman

Of all the pickups that I have had, this old regular cab, short bed Chevy has been my favorite. My daddy and I found this pickup through a mutual friend that was a body shop repairman in 1994. I was in need of a vehicle to drive in high school and they had this red pickup that they used for a parts runner. It had apparently been wrecked lightly and they picked it up at an auction to fix and maybe sell later. We came across it in May of 1994, and I knew it was the right pickup for me. For the last 26 years, I have driven it to school, work, lake, and so many other places that I couldn’t tell you them all if I tried. I have always been a big dancer and loved music, so people used to call me the Fireman after the George Strait song in high school, and they used to right it on the back window of that pickup. You would think after 600000+ miles I would get tired of that old rig, but it had too many memories to let it go down like that. I decided to have it cleaned up and restored with the help of my LMC to get many of the parts from, I was able to clean it up and get it back to a state that is near new again. I have never stopped driving it, and it has taken me back and forth across Texas 100’s of times, and hopefully will keep doing it for a another 26 years. I hope that everyone enjoys the pictures!