The Little Engine That Could

Basically bought this truck off e-bay sight unseen for 800$ from a quirky dude in Arlington texas. We quickly made friends and he helped me ship it to Montreal, Canada with thousands of dollars of LMC parts housed in the truck bed. Long story short, (2 years later) I was in the middle of a restoration project gone wrong, (as so many do) and had a body guy which couldn’t finish the job, a mechanical guy which mess up just about everything he installed (engine, tranny, exhaust etc) and so my wife and I decided to give it the last push and do it right. So we spend the next 18 months fixing everything that went wrong on this build ourselves with LMC parts, one evening and most of our weekends at a time until we go the result shown in the pictures. We can definitely send more pictures to showcase best results if you like our story !