My First Truck

The story of my very own truck is a very long and frustrating journey but I can try to sum it up. It was June 9th 2018 when I first laid eyes on my very own GMC truck. It was the meanest most ugly truck; but, to my surprise my dad said that it was mine. I was absolutely in love with this Frankenstein of a truck. Tearing the thing apart was the easy part, but cleaning it, and rebuilding the truck was the most eye opening/frustrating/amazing experiences I’ve ever had. There were countless times that we either got the wrong part or just didn’t have the patience to keep trying to maneuver the part in place. There were also countless times that my dad and I were late coming back home because we were just having too much fun with it. This truck is the main reason why my dad and I have bonded. Whether in frustration, or in absolute overjoy because we finally got something done right on the truck. I love this truck and I love everything it’s done for me and all the memories it’s given me. I want to thank LMC for making ordering parts easier, and for providing diagrams of where some parts go. Without the diagrams my dad and I would’ve never gotten the radiator support on right. Thank you for letting me share my story with you.
Ps the photo that I am sharing is the before, but due to the fact that it’s still a work in progress I don’t have an after yet…..