Big Green Terd

This is my big green terd. It’s a 1976 Ford F-250 2wd Camper Special. It has a 460 big block with a C6 automatic transmission. The truck sat in a backyard on my street for about 20 years. I lived on that street for about 5 years so I saw that truck just about every day for 5 years buried in weeds and moss and tucked back in the trees. One day the old man that owned it passed away. His son and daughter were then at the property for a few days cleaning things up so they could sell the house. When I saw them there cleaning up, I knew this was probably my last chance to get the truck. So I walked over there (it was only like a 3 minute walk from my house) and talked to them about it. He said $200 and it’s yours. So I went back home, grabbed some cash and went back. I bought for $200 and dragged it home behind my dads truck. When I got it home, I pressure washed the crap out of it. Look in the pictures and see how mossy it was. The motor looked disgusting, it had up to an inch thick of oil gunk in places (I have since put on chrome valve covers and an HEI distributor). So it sat in our yard for a while before I really started working on it. I just got it running recently and I drove it down the road a little bit. It was exciting because it was the first time it ran and moved in 20+ years! Its still not completely road worthy but its getting there. It still needs a carb, brakes, fuel system. Eventually I would like to make it my daily driver. And since its a 460 I’m sure it will pass everything but the gas station. This has been fun to work on and a great experience bringing a truck back to life.