Rusted and Busted 70

This journey all started in April 2015 when my son and I decided to look for a project to build together. Tucked away in my shop I had an engine and a fresh turbo 400 tranny on the stands, at 12 he was an internet whiz. As he looked around, he found a 70 c10 swb stepside 2wd in a nearby city for 1200 dollars. So I immediately went to look at it and purchased it, it was a complete basket case. When I brought it home on a trailer, my 7 year old daughter was ecstatic, she climbed in it and said it was awesome.
Over the next 5.5 years, we did a frame off and completely rebuilt the extremely rusted cab with parts purchased from lmc as well as a trip to KC to buy panels and many orders shipped to me from the same. Here are pictures of the truck in phases, all work was done body, paint, suspension etc by .my son, daughter and I. We took the engine from a friend’s destroyed air boat and had it built by Hattermans machine shop in Omaha Nebraska . Many friends assisted in this providing parts and technical help. It turned out incredible. It is possible to build a crusty old truck from the ground up it just takes patience and determination.