I bought this truck in February from an older gentleman in Georgia. My brother took delivery and did some of the metal work at his shop in Stone Mountain. When I heard they were going to lock everyone down because of Covid 19, I had the truck shipped to my shop in New Jersey. It arrived the first week in March, just before the lockdown.
My first thought was to access the project and get parts on order quickly. I began disassembly and started stripping the body panels. It took many hours of sanding, grinding and welding to get the body in primer. I had a fair amount of mechanical work as well to get it road worthy. By the beginning of August, it was ready for paint.
The small block 327 and 3 speed TH trans seemed ok, so I decided to run with that. New wiring, rubber, body mounts, glass and some trim were installed.
I’m enjoying this truck very much. Everywhere I go people comment on it. After all, who doesn’t like an old truck!