The Journey of “Tetanus”

We found the truck for sale in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL approximately 4 years ago. It was advertised as a one owner Tennessee truck, and judging the extent of repairs it needed, I had to assume it was a ranch/farm truck. Bailing wire held the shocks in place in the upper mounts, galvanized fence post made up a portion of the exhaust pipe and the transmission crossmember had been cut in half and reinstalled using an 8” section of a bumper jack welded into the center of the crossmember to hold the two pieces together! I was out of my mind, but I had to have this piece of history! The long anticipated task of disassembly started with the battery box and a few rusted bolts, only to slip off a bolt head, cut myself, and wind up in the dr’s office for butterfly bandage and a tetanus shot, which is where it’s new name would originate.
Several years later, tons of money and lots of labor, tetanus has become a labor of love for my wife and I, it’s unique look has become a favorite among automotive enthusiasts as well as those who just like trucks!