The truck was originally purchased new in ’51 by a family friend’s grandparents. They used this truck on the farm to push hay, haul trailers/loads and the like. It took quite the beating doing the work they needed it for. They ended up parking it in the barn and it sat there for about 30 years with only 29K original miles. 3 years ago, that family friend came to us to have us restore it as a surprise for his grandparents and to bring the truck back to life. This was all done out of our garage at home. We’d go to work all day, come home and work on this once we got back. We did what we could to save most of the originality of the truck, but it did need quite a bit of parts as well to get it back to basically how it rolled off the floor in ’51(big thanks to LMC for most of those parts and some couple hour runs out to get other needed parts). That was the goal. Put it back, just how they first got it. With little things we were able to re-create that the grandparents had in it before they parked it, we did just that. The only thing that we changed was disc brakes up front as that was all they wanted to change. Finally delivered back to them and they were just stunned. Glad we able to take on this restoration and bring this beautiful truck back to life and keepin it on the road!