I purchased this truck in the summer of 2015 from a farmers field. Since owning this truck I have graduated highschool and university with an engineering degree, the restoration took 5 years to complete. The truck had not been moved in 15 years prior to finding it, however the engine would turn over by hand. Getting the truck home, it was only a short while after the truck was completely tore down to just the frame. Reusing as many of the original parts as possible, and when new parts were needed I went to LMC first; LMC was great for high quality parts that included the vinyl seat cover, original wire harness, matching set of locks and keys along with various other components. The truck has its original 216 engine that was machined with all new internals along with a 4 speed transmission. The restoration was completed by myself even down to all the bodywork and painting. My favourite features of the truck is the floor mounted starter and the vent windows which are great for AC. The red paint was color matched from the original paint left on the firewall. The truck is nearly 100% original, the only change from factory is the upgraded disk brakes that were seamlessly fitted onto the existing axles. The truck was truly a farm truck its whole life, it had never been registered prior to when I registered it after the restoration was complete.