Retirement Reward

As I neared the time I could retire my desire was to get a full sized truck. I had driven S-10’s & S-15’s for several years because of their gas mileage. I contacted a friend of mine who was a salesman at Tom Jumper Chevrolet in Atlanta and gave him some specifics of what I wanted, reg cab, short bed, no step side and no 4 wheel drive. Also, it must be UGA BULL-DAWG red. Later he had two on the lot matching what I was looking for. I drove it home just a few months before I retired. The truck is a 2002 Silverado LS with the 5.3 and auto transmission. I have added several things to enhance the appearance and performance, such as dual exhaust, K&N air system, step rails (to assist my wife getting in & out), and other items. Recently (June 2020) it rolled over 100K miles at 18 years old. (not bad). One of my joys is to clean and detail it and have one of the sharpest pickup’s in town. I’m always looking at new bow-tie trucks but I’d still rather have this one. Maybe one day it can be passed down to one of my grandsons.