My 95 Dodge Ram

I bought this truck in 1995 and owned it until 2013. At that time my wife had lost her job to a layoff and her car was not very dependable. We could not afford a high car payment at the time so my only option was to trade this truck in on her a car. Now this truck was my baby it had been pampered the whole time I had it. We went out on our first date in this truck. And my daughter was very attached to it too. So anyway I traded it in and got her a better car. Fast forward 7 years and on April 30th right before I was about to go to bed I decide to scroll thru Facebook right quick. There it was! For sale on Facebook! The same guy that bought it from the dealer 7 years ago! We went and got it back the next day! The good Lord meant for me to get this truck back! The guy told me when we were doing the paperwork that a month before he had put it on Facebook to sell. He had about 30 messages of people wanting to look at it. He said for some reason when he got home that night he decided not to sell it and took it down. When I saw it on Facebook it hadn’t been on there an hour! I’m so happy to have her back! I never thought I would see it again!! And because of LMC I am bringing her back to new condition!!