• 1992 Ford Bronco – Allen W.

Bronco Living

I bought a 1992 Bronco 5.8L from a fisherman in Clearlake, Texas. He had to sell it to send his daughter to college, which was amazing to hear as I was buying it for my daughter to drive while in college. He took good care of it, but 30 years have taken a heavy toll. To make it more than road worthy, and restore it to its true glory, I have spent tons of time with my daughters, teaching them to work on it. My children’s practical education is extremely important to me, so my 4 year old son has pitched in where he can. We have it running like a top, and have begun the process of restoring her looks. Hopefully by the fall of 2020, she will be just like new again. These old trucks have a soul, and that soul is passed down to my children. All of which want an “old” square body pick up of some sort.