• 1984 GMC Suburban – Ryan W.

Built with Love

My Dad started our business in 1980, the first thing he bought was a suburban and painted it the company colors. After unexpectedly losing him a few years back, I needed to step up and run the family business. I put my grief on a shelf and got to work. Once the business was headed the right way, I felt the need for connection with my late father, that is what led me to this build. The process of installing parts and building this suburban into a clone of my father’s has helped me on many levels to cope with his loss and channel his spirit. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without help from LMC Truck, sincerely, thank you.

I found this suburban in Bend, Oregon on craigslist. I flew up sight unseen and bought and drove it down the Pacific Coast and back to Texas with my brother. The oil pump failed the day after and stuck the engine. Luckily for me, the previous owner replaced the engine pretty recently so it came with a GM backed warranty. My local dealership replaced the engine at zero cost! I have never worked on vehicles, so diving into this project was a good learning experience. LMC Truck’s videos online sure helped when I replaced the dash, stereo, gauges and trim. I had a few breakdowns on the quest to make the burb my daily driver, I want to thank Perry and Matt for their help along the way. Everything now works, it’s been an amazing adventure to get to this point.