Penny Brown

2nd owner. I bought her out of Georgia with a little over 109k miles from a gentleman who bought it brand new. Hated the color at first, but it grew on me. It was all original with a 305 and a turbo 350 trans. Power everything. Everything works; every light, every gauge, the clock, everything. Bumper was a little dented from when the gentleman hit is carport. Replaced it with an 81-82 style bumper from LMC. Completely upgraded brakes. New brake lines, CPP front calipers, and rear rebuild (shoes and hardware). New suspension. 4/6 drop. Springs and spindles in the front; flip kit in the back. Completely new front end except for the lower A-arms. All new polyurethane bushings front and back. Black phantom grille. Did everything myself. Black 20″ American Racing Rodder wheels; 8″ & 9.5″ staggered. 245/45s in the front. 275/40s in the rear. For the drive-train, I want to do an LS swap with 4L60/80 or a 350 and rebuild my TH350. Just don’t have the money for it right now. May even bore and rebuild my 305 if I can’t put together the money for a replacement.