The Rehab of my ’75 D100

Pictured is my first new vehicle purchase. A 1975 Dodge D100 Adventurer which I bought on August 9, 1975. The price new was $3,749.95. $49.95 of it was for the rear step bumper as none of the trucks on the lot came with them from the factory. My truck has the original 318 CID engine and 3 speed column-shift manual transmission. (3 on the tree). This truck has always been my favorite vehicle to drive. It goes straight down the road and handles well in all road conditions including some hair-raising events like the blizzard of ’78 that struck the Midwest. It still runs well, and the heads have never been off the engine. The odometer says approximately 17,950 miles, however after driving it over a decade to work every day, you will have to add a 1 to the front of it!
I must admit the old girl was looking rough after so many years of service, so I decided to give her a face lift. At least that is how it started. After 3 years of work, it not only has a lot of new sheet metal and paint (light green over arctic white, which were the original colors to the truck), but many new hard parts as well. I also did some interior work, most notably, recovering the seat and new carpeting. A big shout out to LMC Truck for carrying a lot of the harder to find items.
I do plan a few minor improvements to the engine and then take it to the antique tractor/truck shows in our area. A well-deserved break from the years of hard work and abuse it has had in the past 45 years. Who knows, maybe my children will still be driving it for the next 45 years!?!?