1968 For Bronco

We purchased our Bronco in 1994 after our son was born. He would call it his BOMPO. My husband refinished it himself in 1991. It came out beautiful. The idea was to refinish it and keep it in the garage until our son was older. We hit bad times in 1996 when we moved North of Dallas. My husband had to use the Bronco for going back and forth to work. He kept it up though during this time. In 1998 it was time to get it refurbished again and back to new. I tried to surprise my husband on 4 separate occasions by having the Bronco refurbished for him. (He started working out of town in California and then North Dakota, so I put it in the shop. All 4 shops were recommended). The first one was in The Colony, Texas. I was referred by one of our members in church to take it to this particular guy. I gave him $5,000.00 up front and checked on him weekly. He lied to me so much that when I went to look at the vehicle, I couldn’t find it. He kept making excuses that he hauled it to one place for the motor, then another for the transmission, on and on until I had to get the police involved. They found it in his backyard with a very high fence that you couldn’t see the Bronco. Obviously we got it back but the only thing done was a rebuild motor. He would have given me that if he wasn’t threaten to go to jail. The 2nd time was also in The Colony with another church member that had a very busy shop there. It was there for 3 years until he claimed he couldn’t get said motor to fit so he ordered and paid for some metal piece that was to be welding to the frame to hold the motor up. He said someone stole that piece and he was not able to find another person to replace it. I paid him up to $3,000.00. Nothing was different on the Bronco when my son picked it up. We then moved to LaVernia, Texas in 2007 for our daughter who wanted to go to school by her cousins, (this was after our son graduated in The Colony in 2007.) We moved there and I found a mechanic who has had his own shop, (the family is also very well known) and it was also thriving very well; still is. He tried supposedly to fix it but said he couldn’t find the parts. He had the Bronco outside of his shop, for 4-5 years and when we finally gave up again, we picked it up, again nothing done. Needless to say this is all my fault because I gave these people the time they need to work on the side to refurbish my husband and sons Bronco. It’s now rusted, look so sad, but my husband is working in Odessa, Texas now and has no time for it because he only comes home quarterly and that’s only a week at a time. He is 9 hours away from us because he wanted me in Montgomery, Texas to help take care of our granddaughters. We couldn’t afford for me to stay home when our children were little so we worked hard so I could stay home for our granddaughters. The Bronco is now with me in our garage, every time I walk out there I just feel like I failed my husband. He asked me to send emails to get all the Bronco part magazines so he can start ordering parts for when he retires and has time to work on it. That’s why I emailed y’all for the catalogs. Thank you so much for asking about our broncos story. One day it will be refinished again. I will post a photo after my husband refurbished it and now. It’s sad but will get done eventually. God Bless!🙏💞