High School Ride

After a family friend bought a new truck, he offered up his old 2002 F-350 to me, a freshman in high school at the time. It needed quite a bit of work but anyone that knows anything about an old 7.3 can tell you that it’s well worth it. I spent my days after school for two years tearing the truck down to its frame, then assembling it to restore it to its former glory. By using LMC, making an 18 year old truck look new was simple. It is a mix of about 4 different trucks now, including a 2016 bed and 2004 doors. This was a project that my dad and I worked on, and learned a lot from. I use the truck to respond to fire calls as well, so the reliability of the engine is well appreciated. Having everything painted black, and adding a 2005-2007 front clip makes the truck look modern, but still drive and sound like the classic original Super Duty it still is. After countless hours of work and a whole lot of new parts and accessories, my truck will have a new life at college with me.