Red and Silver

We bought our 1988 Silverado, AKA Red & Silver, on May 20th, 1988. It had 135 miles on it. At the time it was one of the first, maybe even the first, new extended cab Chevy truck in our town of Cabot, Arkansas. We used it as a truck – hauling hay/feed for our cows, trips to town or towing our camper and our boat. On a return trip from camping I burned up the motor and transmission. We had the motor replaced with a crate long block 5.7L using the same dealership we bought the truck from and the transmission was rebuilt by a local company. After that we decided ole Red & Silver needed to be put out to “pasture”. We cleaned her up, had her repainted (December 2002) and pretty much drove her only on sunny Sunday afternoons. To name all of the companies, LMC topping the list, that helped us keep her on the road would take a full sheet of paper. We always said we would sell her if we ever got tired of her – we don’t see that day coming any time soon – she is definitely an eye catcher. Red and Silver is a part of our family.