1987 V20 Silverado

I always wanted one of these trucks and finally got my hands on one. I specifically wanted a 3/4 ton long bed that was 4 wheel drive. I had to drive from Lincoln NE to Topeka KS to get it on the 4th of July but that just gave me more to celebrate. It had the typical rust but I had all that repaired and got her a new original paint job. I switched out the red on black pin stripes for the black on silver. Other than that, the truck is all original. I couldn’t believe it when I test drove the truck, every single thing worked on it. Cruise, all gauges, the clock, radio, even the windshield washer sprayers. That just told me the truck had been taken care of. Now she is mine and I will be driving this lovely lady. She will not stay parked in my garage. Thanks for letting me share! Squarebody Rockin!