I got this truck when I was 15 years old in West Virginia, I’m 42 years old now. I’ve always day dreamed of fixing her up like she is today when I was boy. I spent countless of hours in a tree stand hunting and thinking of how I build it, what color, engine, brakes and suspension I use. Well like anybody life got in the way and the dream became more of a, well a dream that would never come true, but I knew I never get rid of it and maybe I could pass it down to my son. So for almost 15 years of being in the family a friend of mine painted the truck. It was its first paint job ever from the original burnt orange. The truck was a rust free and all original panels and chrome. I drove the truck very little up until 2014 untill the 3 speed transmission broke. So it sat in the garage for 6 years and all that time the boys dreams became a man’s dreams. So I told myself I need to get this truck done no matter what. So I started selling all my dirt bikes saving towards the build and taking a small loan to build it the way I always dreamed of. So the big expense was the engine. I always wanted a small block 427 with that 600 plus HP#, so I built the truck around that and got carried away with all the rest. I ended up getting all QA1 suspension, wilwood brakes, power steering with hydro boost, custom stainless exhaust. And much more. The nice thing about the build is I did all the work besides making the parts and long block engine. Their was so many times I got so frustrated cause parts wouldn’t t fit correctly and it seemed like I had to modify everything. Thank God I have over 20 years of being body shop tech and painter or it never would of got done. The build as you see it today took me two years I was able to hit the build real hard during this pandemic. Theres more to go and upgrade but she is running and driving and I couldn’t be happier in how it turned out. Now I hope I can share and make new memories with my 12 year old boy and get him excited and appreciate the truck that has been basically a big part of the family and my younger years as a boy.