• 1998 Dodge 1500 – Gator H.

Gator’s 1998 Ram Survivor

I’ve been a Mopar guy since I saw my first Road Runner in 1968 at the age of 14. Many years and many Mopars later, in 2009 we bought this 1998 Ram with a 5.2 and 130,000 miles. After having her checked out, we found that she had good bones and was solid throughout. Knowing I didn’t have 40 grand for a road runner, I decided to turn my focus to the Mopar in front of me and make her MINE! I named her the survivor cause’ she’s 22 years old and still here, and I’m a 3-time cancer survivor, and I’m still here so we both got some resilience in us I guess. I could see the finished truck in my head, I just had to go slow and get it right. I wanted her to be different,but not over the top. For my truck, I’m good with “less is more”. I had some really good help in getting her where she ended up, and I HAVE to put the credit where it’s due. First, a HUGE thanks to LMC truck, for having the parts I HAD to have to bring her back, and a lot of parts I wanted for custom stuff, too. Next, to Brian and Cody at Paul’s Transmission for their friendship and all the great wrench’n over the years. To Wade Cuff Upholstery for the killer gator trimmed interior! And to Cortez customs for the paint, and Tom’s Kustoms for getting my ideas out of my head and painted on my truck! Thanks to everyone for making my Mopar dream happen! Peace, Gator