1993 Flareside With Some Flair

I purchased this truck from it’s second owner in 2018 with the intention of just using it around town for errands, like trips to the home improvement store and the taking the trash to the dump. Needless to say those plans changed after a short time. The truck had been sitting parked under a pine tree for several years(three that I’m aware of) before I purchased it and I knew it would need some repairs to get it back into truly roadworthy condition. The refurbishment started with a few minor repairs which turned into a few more, and then a few major repairs – a tire blow out required me to repair the right rear bedside, oil blow by resulted in the choice to install a re-manufactured engine. a collision with a deer resulted in a new door, fender and a bunch more fiberglass work. After all that I began the job of returning the truck to its original glory with completely new suspension lowering the front 2 1/2″ and the Rear 4″ updating the A/C system, new cooling system… Suffice to say every mechanical system has been replaced, rebuilt or repaired and the interior is sporting new carpet and upholstery. The final touch was the new paint in the original factory color.
I call the project a refurbishment only because the body and frame were not “officially” separated during the process except for when the new body mounts were installed.
A big thank you to LMC Truck for maintaining a vast selection of quality parts to help get my Flareside returned to like new condition