• 1988 GMC Jimmy – Brian J.

88 James

I bought it in December of 87, it was my first brand new vehicle. I never would have imagined then that I’d still have it all these years later. It was called an Olmpic Edition to correspond with the Calgary Olympics that year in Canada. The white and gold looked pretty cool I thought, and dealers only got 1 or 2 of them. Around 2000, when it got in to its teen, we felt it outgrew “Jimmy”, and we just started calling him James.
All my kids pretty much learned how to drive with it. Its had a few revivals over the years… new grill when it found a deer in the way… little bumps and bruises over the years. I may have got a little carried away with this last revival… new rockers… some floor repairs… wheels refinished… Dakota Digital dash… heated seats. My son put a killer stereo in it that he left in for me to rock out with when he bought himself his first new car and gave me James back. I’d like to thank LMC for having for much quality stuff available to keep it looking good.