• 1985 Chevy C10 – Antonio M.

1985 C10 Rags to Riches

I bought my truck from my wife’s uncle back in 2015. The truck came with a 454 lowered, but it was just rattle can primer. The truck interior was original so it was tore up seats, I had to just a cover. The dash was shot but also had a cover so it looked ok. No carpet, no door panels, no headliner, and no stereo. I slowly started to work on the motor fixing small thing here and there. Then I started to restore the interior after 4 years of getting everything fixed up on it I decided to ls swap it . Got that done February of 2020 then the crazy part was my wife came up to me one day and said I’m tired of you working on your truck all the time why don’t you just finish it completely and paint it. Well like a good husband that I am I said ok sounds good within a week after. It was sitting at the paint shop, now my truck is fully restored and painted. And the final touch was doing vintage ac system for these hot Nevada days to ride comfortably